Marc-Aurèle Debut

Garment rack tubes, epoxy resin, aluminium.

A work inspired by The Phenomenology of Shame by psychiatrist and philosopher Dr. Thomas Fuchs on the distorted self projection in the mirror caused by body dysmorphic disorder.
By stacking the cloth racks tubes vertically instead of its horizontal clothing display position, the artist breaks its functional purpose and uses its reflective chrome effect as a mirror of the mind to open a dialogue on cultural body shaming within fashion, advertising and pop culture and it’s effects on body and mental health. 

The sculpture is composed of garment rack tubes M-A D has collected, manipulated and assembled into a work depecting the consumption society and  its negative impact on ecology and global warming.
Beneath its functional use the cloth rack is a totem of overconsumption, designed in retail stores to ‘send’ a specific psychological signal that pushes human beings to consumption.