DO DISRUPT is an invitation to question the status quo. Since its inception, Zilver has always pushed for new, cutting-edge and disruptive materials, while encouraging positive changes through innovation. As part of the commitment towards sustainability, all the range of materials are either recycled, vegan or organic.

For this project Zilver partnered with curator Mehdi Dakhli to present an immersive experience through the brand’s universe in the form of a pop-up store + exhibition. This exploratory exhibition aims to highlight artists who strive for innovation while participating in the battle against climate change, cornerstones of Zilver’s DNA.

The influence of artists in our society is undeniable. History of art has shown that a society without disruptive artists is a sclerotic society. More than anyone, they have the ability to provoke change by raising awareness, leading people to question the established order and our understanding of reality.

DO DISRUPT is an ode to nature, reconciled with technology. The show aims to question the role of artists as well as the notions of artists and artwork itself by highlighting new artistic expressions: introducing Virtual Reality, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTS), Artificial Intelligence and upcycled artworks from artists Marc-Aurèle Debut, Andreas Greiner, Armin Keplinger and Giuseppe Lo Schiavo.

This exhibition is also inspired by the Fluxus movement from the 1960s who proposed to blur the boundaries ‘between artistic disciplines and life’, according to George Brecht’s expression, and who questioned the role of the artist or the notion of a work of art itself especially by introducing Video Art under the impulsion of South Korean artist Nam June Paik.

Artists act on the premises of change. However, brands should also have a role to play in shifting the lines. Artists will denounce some misdeeds of capitalism and overconsumption, on the environment for instance, but if no action were taken on the side of the players in economic life, these denunciations will have little to no effect.

Putting words into action, DO DISRUPT will be the opportunity to introduce Zilver’s new material developed by PANGAIA, using their FLWRDWNTM material made out of organic dried wildflowers used as insulation on the Flower Power Jacket as a replacement for the traditional insulation.

“Since our very beginnings we have been inspired by the astrological calendar, assigning a zodiac sign to each collection. The main goal of the collection was to express the passion and energy of the sign, with bold use of colour and an interaction with light through innovative fabrics that don’t compromise our commitment to sustainability. We want the wearer to feel that they embody the best Leo qualities: courageous, confident, vibrant, creative.” Pedro Lourenço

Introducing Zilver’s first sustainable ‘lifestyle’ collaboration with London-based designer Tino Seubert. The German designer updates his Donald Judd-inspired aluminium stool ‘Anodised wicker’ with hand-hand-woven Zilver organic apple leather. The clinical and precise aluminium contrasts and emphasizes the warm and organic material, alliance of craftsmanship and innovation, characteristic of the brand’s identity.

From October 15th to 31st included.

OPEN EVERY DAY 11am to 8pm

7-9 Walker's Court - W1F 0BZ - London. 

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